November’s Prayer



Welcome home

Friday, October 24,2014

“Welcome home My Love!”  I’d written these words in colored chalk on the outward facing side of our patio gate.  And then because I was determined that she understand just how truly welcome and wanted she was, I continued down the walkway and wrote an even larger, more colorful version. You see,  I’d wanted to make bright and colorful signs that were near blinding from all the glitter and glitz and attach them to a few fences and posts along the path she takes to and from the bus stop but I’d run out of time. Instead I’d crawled around on my knees and written her ‘welcome’ in a rainbow of colored chalk that ended up continuing nearly the entire length of our block.  It had, at the time seemed like such a pathetic attempt, but today, after four days and withstanding the past hours’ deluge of rain,  the words are still unmistakable.  I can only hope that my love and support is as evident to her as the rainbow colored words that she encounters as she makes her way to her bus stop each morning. So too do I hope that she knows, throughout all the days of her life, that where ever I am she will always be welcome, she will always be “home”. And tonight, very shortly now, as I tuck her into bed (she may just be a little too big, too “old(?)” to still be tucking in, but she needs these little girl comforts right now) as I kiss her cheek and brush back her wayward hair from her forehead so that I can look into her lovely blue eyes , I’ll repeat those simple words to her…”welcome home my love, welcome HOME!”